I Finally Got On My Butt And Started This Blog

The Hardest Thing About Writing A Blog Is Sitting Down And Starting It.

Then trying to think of what the heck to write about, you have plenty of ideas and they seem cool to you, but will anyone else like what you write?

Ugh! Maybe I just shouldn’t bother.

If I had a dollar for every time I thought that, then I would have at least a couple of hundred dollars! Yes it sounds better if you say rich or a millionaire, but realistically it’s only a couple of hundred.

You see, it’s easy to build a word press site and fill it with information, or to sell a product so you can make money. Have done it, still do it, some are good, some suck, but if you don’t try an idea then you don’t know, right?

Those sites are easy to do and yes you can make money with them online…..however, it takes time and patience, a willingness to continue to learn new things and a realistic outlook on how to do it.

Can You Make Lots Of Money????

Sure, as much as you want!

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The Day I Gave My Ex Away.

It Just Seemed Like The Right Thing To Do And It Made Us Even Closer Friends.

Many divorced or separated men, I’m sure, would love to give their ex’s away. Although I’m sure it would be to something they wanted no part of.

For me though, it was an honour to lead mine down the aisle and hand her off to the man she was about to wed.

I didn’t even make him sign a contract agreeing not to send her back.

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