I Finally Got On My Butt And Started This Blog

The Hardest Thing About Writing A Blog Is Sitting Down And Starting It.

Then trying to think of what the heck to write about, you have plenty of ideas and they seem cool to you, but will anyone else like what you write?

Ugh! Maybe I just shouldn’t bother.

If I had a dollar for every time I thought that, then I would have at least a couple of hundred dollars! Yes it sounds better if you say rich or a millionaire, but realistically it’s only a couple of hundred.

You see, it’s easy to build a word press site and fill it with information, or to sell a product so you can make money. Have done it, still do it, some are good, some suck, but if you don’t try an idea then you don’t know, right?

Those sites are easy to do and yes you can make money with them online…..however, it takes time and patience, a willingness to continue to learn new things and a realistic outlook on how to do it.

Can You Make Lots Of Money????

Sure, as much as you want!

Seriously, in the world of online income, no one is going to tell you where to stop. How much you make or don’t make, at the end of the day, is completely dependent on you and the effort you put into it.

It’s much like sales, no one is going to tell you that you can only sell 5 of whatever it is your product is per week or day. You can go out and sell as many as you freaking want to. Sales, either on or off line is one of the most lucrative lines of work out there, especially if you are good. And if you’re not, you can learn to be, but it takes a special attitude, one that never gives up, ignores the no’s and constantly strives to improve what works.

Welcome To My Blog!!

I’m The Dude.

Bunny That Came To Visit While I Wrote This Post.

Not The Dude as in The Big Lebowski Dude, that’s not what this site is about. Although it is my all time favorite Movie and watch it at least twice a year. Yes there will no doubt be Lebowski’isms now and then, because anyone that has seen it, uses them. Like when my ex and I would be sitting around and the phone rang. She would look at me and say, “Phone’s ringing dude.”

Yes, I was a Dude before the movie, and now after it I get it all the time. We are akin in personality and appearance apparently, and hey, it’s not a character I have a problem being associated to.

But that’s not what I am trying to come across as by starting this blog, or to impersonate the character.

What This Blog Is About.

As I said, it’s easy to do other kinds of sites, and make some money. For me, this is a personal site and I want to write about things I like, or tell some stories about things I’ve seen, or done in my life and travels. Reviews on places I’ve visited, eaten at, etc. Things many people may not give a hoot about. However I hope to attract at least 2 steady subscribers a year! Probably sympathetic family members.

But also, I want to lend any knowledge I have about subjects that will be of interest to those new in the world of being an online entrepreneur.

So aside from my own personal junk, here’s a list of things you will find discussed here;

  • Making money, both online and off.
  • How to think up and start a web site using Worpress. There are other platforms out there but I prefer WP.
  • SEO, why it is and isn’t important.
  • Pros and Cons of starting a membership site.
  • Planning a diverse online portfolio.
  • Helpful tools and Plug-ins.
  • Tackling Social Media.
  • Income From YouTube.
  • Freebies, like ROYALTY FREE IMAGES for newbies and cheapos out there. That’s right free images. Maybe some will be of interest to you. I am constantly snapping pics and will add them as I go. Please follow the rules set out for them, if not then you will hear from me.

So there we go, first post created.  🙂


Feel free to comment below through Facebook or Wordpress. Please keep it civil and fun!

Author: Dude

aka. Larry Stefanuik, a guy who likes to work hard at enjoying life. Not a guru, not an expert, but if I can make you smile, chuckle or help you make an extra buck or two with my advice, then my mission is accomplished.

2 thoughts on “I Finally Got On My Butt And Started This Blog”

  1. Hi Dude. I dig your style!! Even I have a blog in WordPress, but my knowledge in html and designing is nill…Can you give any guidance or suggestions…please…I write short stories and poems…Common…a dude to a dude….

    1. Hey Sai, I’m not a big HTML guy as well and am self taught with most of it. WP makes it easy. More important then design is just good quality original content and persistence. If it’s good people will look and read it regardless of how your site looks. What is your site name?

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